About Us

Anchoring for hope


Anchoring for HOPE Foundation, Incorporated is a conglomerate of charitable organizations  designed to be a beacon of light that emanates diverse generations in becoming empowered by serving as a liaison for communities, businesses, educators, governmental entities, health and wellness providers by implementing a plan that supports various groups of men, women and children toward becoming sustainable and  successful contributors in our global society

Vision Statement:

Creating healthy empowered communities that meet the needs of present nations without compromising the sustainability of future generations.

Guiding Principles:

Creating health empowered communities that meet the needs of present nations without compromising the sustainability of future generations by providing

  1. Partnering with select non-profits businesses, educational entities to foster individuals empowerment of the mind, body, and spirit
  2. Creating an organization that guides others through example of it’s leadership, board of directors and staff that empowers individuals and a group to carry out its’ mission.
  3. Programming opportunities to recognize and partner with stakeholders, individuals and others in our community that can assist us in achieving our mission
  4. Financial stability and sustainability of the organization through internal and external audits endowments and contributions that aide in supporting the needs and interests of our community for current and future generations.
  5. A variety of programs, services and organizations for diverse peoples such that Anchoring of H.O.P.E. Foundation,  Incorporated is clearly recognized as a premium charitable entity within a global.
  6. A facility that serves the community in a safe and secure manner that supports its’ partner sand constituents.

The Anchoring for H.O.P.E. Foundation, Inc. was founded in May, 2018

by Carolyn Mohair with the assistance

and support of Deborah Shepard and Verna Davis.

The three women all seeking an opportunity to

enable others to be successful in their lives no

matter what storms or struggles of life one may encounter.

This group of women have made a commitment

to partner with other entities to provide

compassionate services and educational programming

that holistically empower others for a sustainable future.


Our Board Members 

Inaugural Board of Directors for

Anchoring of H.O.P.E. Foundation, Incorporated include:

President -Violet Eyanagho

Verna Davis (Co-founder)

Debrah Shepherd (Co-founder)

Carolyn Mohair ( Co-founder)

Rhonda Barron

Linda Gaines

Colette Franklin

Amy Brayton